Instructions for use NanoVein

Gel for the treatment of varicose veins NanoVein - local action and can be used as an effective tool for the prevention and treatment arrival.

Natural components NanoVein actively a situation that affects the vessels, giving them vitality and elasticity. Gel sold in Romania on the official website.

Gel indications

Apply the gel 1-2 times daily to the affected skin
  • feeling tired, the view, swelling in the legs,
  • star emergence vascular, varicose veins,
  • work standing or sitting
  • hereditary predisposition arrival.

Instruction: how a used car

The arrival of the more complex healing, light massage movements on the affected places 1-2 times a day. For application in extreme conditions can be adjusted 3 times a day. The preferred Gel time of usage morning and evening. The car is perfectly absorbed, rubbed it. Attention! Make you fit! If you have strong pain venous nodes and use the tool carefully.